The issue of Intellectual Property being inappropriately discussed on has been raised with the Administrators of AutoGuide, the company that owns (and technically VerticalScope Inc, who in turn owns AutoGuide).

AutoGuide has advised us to tell any concerned parties that they should contact VerticalScope's legal office to determine if their claim has any merit. Until such a determination is made, and so long as none of the site rules and regulations are being otherwise contravened, the threads and posts in question will remain available to the members of

VerticalScope ( is apparently a Canadian company, and their contact info is:

VerticalScope Inc.
111 Peter Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 2H1
T. 1-416-341-8950
F. 1-416-341-8959

The Moderators here on will not become involved in commercial disputes, nor will we tolerate any discussion of that nature in the Forums. Any and all posts or threads relating to commercial disputes will be deleted, and their authors appropriately penalized. Continued violation of these guidelines will result in the banning and deletion of those members.

Please conduct yourselves accordingly.[/B][/I]