Opels at the California Autombile Museum
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Thread: Opels at the California Autombile Museum

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    Opels at the California Autombile Museum

    Note to admins, the Groups thing doesn't seem to work/be effective, and the "Submit" button did not work for me. Also, the events section did not seem appropriate for this.

    The September Car Club Cavalcade (CCC) at the California Automobile Museum (CAM) will feature cars from the NorCal Opelers group. There is a section at the museum where clubs can display cars and September is our month. The actual dates are Sept 3 - October 1.

    Alan and I have worked up a list of cars and owners who either are or should be interested in this. They include

    1. Dieter's beautiful blue GT
    2. Gil's Conrero. What Opel exhibit would be complete without that car.
    3. Alan and my Tinyvette, in race trim, maybe even with race debris still plastered all over the nose.
    4. Keith's shiny red GT that has a long family history
    5. Don's Ascona wagon
    6. Roy's gold 1.1L GT
    7. Dennis's Targa GT
    8. Alan's silver/black GT with a 2.2L FI motor

    Alan and I will be trying to contact each of these people directly to set things up. If you are not on this list and want to be, contact us.

    Oh, and for this display, instead of simply arranging the cars as other clubs do, with a sign in front of each one, we'd like to raise the bar a bit by dressing up the wall behind it using large poster-sized photos and/or some of Gil's GM artwork. Do you have a photo that would make a great poster?

    In addition, as every old car is and has a story, let's write our stories and include them with the exhibit. My thinking is that people will see the cars and say/think the usual things, like "I remember when..." and "Poor man's Corvette...", and so on and then move on. But perhaps if we include our stories they will remember and appreciate the cars more, and maybe even want an Opel, or want to restore or revive and Opel, or some other deserving car. Anyway, the display will be more engaging. I've written up something for the Tinyvette and added lots of photos. See the attachment.

    So, does your Opel have a story? I'm sure it does, so write it up. If writing is not your thing, call me and tell me the story and I will write it up for you.

    Maybe we should get together later this month to review what we have, select poster photos, etc.

    PM or call me if you have any questions, complaints, ideas, etc.

    In addition to the Opel CCC CAM is preparing a Wundercar exhibit that will be featuring iconic German cars and they are asking for an Opel GT or Manta A, preferable stock, and pristine. Dieter, do you know anyone who has such a car? Also, Gil has some original GM artwork that might also be included in this exhibit.
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    Ccc cam

    Mike, This could work for me, mine is restored to 'original' not untouched original .
    With GT gone for a month maybe I could use the time & space to organize the garage !
    The clutch & transmission are out right now but might be operational this weekend.

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    I am in, for the exhibition in September, and possibly the Wondercar thing. Roy's car is probably the most stock car we have, then mine.


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    PPT Presentation

    What do you think?
    With the time available, perhaps put together a ppt presentation along with the Opel CD's on a TV Monitor...
    I have found, one can inspire peoples interest more with a variety of visuals.
    This ppt could include more Opels from across the US and Europe.
    Just a Thought

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