Time for a new thread... Stories about some of the crazy car related things you have done in the past (or recently) that you can admit to without incriminating yourself.

I'll start.

During my first year of college, a classmate mentioned that he knew of a car like mine that was for sale. (I was driving a 1948 Ford coupe) I ended up buying it for $25 with the agreement that it needed to be removed quickly. I had already cleaned out every yard within 20 miles of transmissions for that car and needed a spare.

Now, this '47 Ford had been sitting in a garage for years. Covered in dust, tires flat, not running, etc. Oh and one other detail, no steering wheel. Our grand plan was to tow it to a local junkyard that was about 5 miles away where we would strip it. So here we are, me in my Ford, one friend in a borrowed '51 Plymouth towing a utility trailer and another "driver". Tires inflated, rocked the car back and forth to the free the wheels. Brakes work. Threw a license plate on it, tow chain ready and we were ready for the tow. Oh yeah, no steering wheel! No problem, we'll just peen over the steering wheel nut and use a breaker bar as a "tiller"!

The garage was in a heavily populated area a couple of streets away from the main road. Off we went. Don't know how my friend managed the "Tiller" but we made it to the main road. The brakes held up in his car and he kept the chain tight and stopped me when I signaled. Here's the image: A gold colored 1948 Ford, towing a dusty Ford with no steering wheel, followed by a brush painted blue Plymouth Business Coupe towing a trailer. What could possibly go wrong? Well apparently a local cop thought it strange. It was a couple of miles from the yard when the Blue lights came on and we pulled over.

My friend casually leaned forward like he was resting on a "steering wheel" when the officer walked by shaking his head. I was greeted with a "What the hell are you guys doing? My 18 year old self replied "Just taking it to Bill's junkyard down the road." He asked if that car was "registered". In my best legal voice I told him that in MA, (we were in RI) you have 3 days to register a newly purchased car. He replied "Is that legal?" I said "In MA it is." He again shook his head and walked away telling us to go straight there.

We made it to the yard without and other problems and completely stripped that car.

The good old days. Today, we would have been arrested, fined and cars impounded.

There are several other "Tales of the 'Coupe'" and that tow chain.