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The Lounge A Chit-Chat forum, Introductions from new members, Humor, Opel Stories and more.

General Discussions

General Discussion and Chat.
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Opel Memorabilia

Opel related collectibles and memorabilia
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Birthday Greetings

Post personal birthday greetings here.
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eBay and C/L Listings

A forum for Opel related eBay and Craigslist listings
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A members only forum where you can introduce yourself to the group.
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Favorite Quotes

Post your favorite quotes here. Does not need to be Opel related.
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Opel Stories

Post your favorite Opel experience here!
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A fun forum, but keep it reasonably clean... Posts to this forum will be moderated for content before approval.
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Scale Models

Opel Scale Model Forum
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News Feeds

Automotive news feeds
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In Memoriam

A forum for remembering forum members who have passed on.
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Articles A new section for "How To" articles and other in depth write ups that go beyond the Forum format.

Performance Articles

How to get more performance from your Opel.
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Technical Forums Have a tip? Upgrade? Comment? Having a problem and need some help? Post it in the appropriate forum!


Mechanical – General Tips, Problems, and Solutions, not related to the specific systems above
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OpelGT Wheels & Tires

Sponsored by Discount Tire
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Opel Forums Post to the appropriate forum. General comments and postings that do not fit any of the other forums go in The Lounge.

Opel Ad Board

Forums for buying and selling opel cars and parts
  • 1990

Member Projects

A forum for members to document their restoration project.
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Opels in the Media

Video clips, press releases, news about Opels
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Classic Opels

Forums for model specific questions.
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Performance and Racing Forums for high performance

Racers Forum

Track or Strip? Here's a forum for all types of Opel racers!
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Parts Sources of new, used and reproduced Opel Parts.

Opel Parts Suppliers

Opel vendors are welcome to add information about your Opel business. Anyone who has a surplus of parts to sell can also add your information here.
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Opel Clubs Club Discussions

Belgium GT -Club

A forum for Opel owners in Belgium.
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Canadian Opel Club

Opelers in the Great White North now have a forum to discus meetings in Canada.
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Carolina Opel Club

Based in the Charlotte area.
167 47.9K
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Florida Opel Club

Opel club for members in Florida
138 29K
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Georgia Opelers

Click here to visit this social group
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Opel Racers

Click here to visit this social group
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Mid-Atlantic Opel Club Forum
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New England Opel Club

Messages for NEOC Members and Opelers in the New England Region of the U.S.
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Michigan Opel Club

259 43.1K
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Greater Milwaukee Opelers

Forum for Opelers in the Greater Milwaukee area.
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Ohio/Western PA Opel Group

A forum for Opeler's in the NE Ohio/western PA region
525 65.6K
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Opel Enthusiasts Club

- Based in Southern California
4 7.5K
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  • 7.5K

Mid-West Opelers

Click here to visit this social group
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OpelGT of DE

A forum for Opel GT clubs in Germany
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Opel Motorsport Club

A forum for the OMC
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  • 146K
  • 19
  • 650


San Diego Opel Club
181 39K
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  • 39K

Southwest Ohio Opel Club

56 16.6K
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  • 16.6K

Texas Opel Club

Texas Opel Club Forum.
366 158K
  • 366
  • 158K

Tri-State Opel Owners

A forum for Opel owners in the NJ, PA and DE region.
1.3K 97.9K
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UK Opel GT Owners Club

A forum for Opel owners in the UK.
67 17.3K
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UTah OPelers In Action
617 65.9K
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Other Opel Clubs

Postings from Opel Clubs
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Need to customize or repair your Opel? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at CARiD.com, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice. www.carid.com
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Vendor Deals

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OpelGT.com Feedback, requests and site navigation forums.


Site News
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OpelGT AutoGuide Forum Support / Help

Questions about forum functionality or suggestions for improvement. Need help finding what you're looking for? Let us know here!
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Site Tips

A moderated forum on site features and ways to make your visit easier.
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