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    Original ARA AC, 1.9L CIH.

    Found her at a classic car shop in my town, the brakes were completely locked down, timing was off by 999 degrees , every single rubber hose was destroyed, there were vacuum leaks everywhere and I had no idea what a distributor was. Over the few months I have had Mira, she has taught me so much about cars and that with a little bit of creativity you can "fix" or "improve" just about anything mechanical.


    Put #70 racing oval decals on the hood, sides, and rear. Repainted with black racing stripes that curve and go down to the doors instead of the rear like normal stripes.

    Made the package tray into an easily accessible storage space.


    Roland Cube Portable PA system that can play audio and I can plug my guitar into, The lack of a muffler and extremely responsive steering is my other entertainment

    45 Amp alternator from a 1985 Opel, Weber 32/36 DGEV, Flamethrower Ignition Coil, Pertronix ignition system, Carter electric fuel pump, ignition relay from radioshack, rerouted fuel line in front of condensor and radiator, modified exhaust to have no muffler. Engine bored to 2.0L 3lbs lighter flywheel, OGTS headers, ported intake and repainted black and gold.

    New tie rods


    Bfgoodrich silvertown radial redline tires 185/70/13, Painted original wheels black.

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