My name is Robert i am from Bothell,WA. I have been into OPels since i was about 14, but i have been around them since i was a baby since my dad is a opelholic.

I was given my first opel at the age of 14. My dad asked me what opel i wanted to drive (choice of the 5 in the yard) and i picked the manta. Allthough i never worked on, or drove for that matter, that white '74manta will always be my first car.

now being 17 i have been driving an opel for a year now. Its not that white one from the yard, but since i have put so much work into it, it is just as important as my first.

It all started a year ago when my freinds truck got a flat. I went with him to buy a new tire for his rim and as we were leaving i glanced into the import auto place next door and i saw a opel sign.

we went and investigated, and found a '74 dark blue automatic Ascona(1900) with a perfectly strait body with NO rust. I told my dad about it and he talked to the import service, all they wanted for it was the price of the bill that they were owed. So my dad bought that car for my brother for $250, however th import place was still working on it so it had no head on it.

My brother finished rebuildin about half of the head before he got kicked out of the house so the car was left for me.

Since i got it i have :

Added MSD ignition
Put in Tach
Reuilt head
Rebuilt and swapped old model 102hp engine(another story)
converted to 4 speed
took out stock opel radio and replaced with Blaupunkt MP3000
Bbought and custom placed a Sony P5 1200watt 12" sub
Bought other speakers 2 6"x9"'s (220 watt each)
bought jensen 340watt amp(soon to be upgraded)
Switched ascona steering wheel for gt
switched from stock coil and points to msd blaster coil
replaced heater core
bought 15" 5 spoke wheels with 205/50R-15 tires
lowered about 2.5"
added sprint manifold and 2" dynomax exhaust
installed viper alarm
ported out stock intake manifold
added weber 32/36 carb
custom made airbox out of house heat ducts for less than $10
replaced spark plug wired dist. cap rotor and plugs
converted ascona front end to manta(due to nastty accident, happens to be the front end off the white '74 manta i had as my first car, too bad its not painted yet)

I am planning to start a 1.9L-2.4L comversion soon and while im at it a 5 speed getrag tranny and toyota rear end. i am excited and cant wait for the extra power to be added to my lead weight...i mean right foot.

I have pics of most that stuff but probly wont have em up for a while due to lazyness.

one last thing, dont u guys love pullin up next to 'suuped' up ricerockets at red lights, havin them expect to be faster than your car, but when you race you give them a look at your backside until you pull away too far for em to see you?

OK if anyone read all that and didnt get bored ill be amazed, but since i took the time to write it i might as well post it, right?

Nice meetin you guys,