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Thread: Opel on the Prairie

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    Opel on the Prairie

    Thank you for this Forum/Website; I hope that I can find the help I need here! Out of the box,(and I don't want to ruffle feathers mind you), my Opel is going to end up a drag car, or at least pro street. The car I found is pretty much gone and I have been intrigued with Opel GT gassers for a very long time. What I'm looking for is someone who may know of, have built, or even still races one of these cars, to help me with dimensions specs, etc...

    Thank you for allowing me in and I'll understand perfectly if you don't share my views on how to resurrect this car. I figure with only 21,000+ 1970's models that were produced, even as a drag car this one needs to be preserved. Feel free to drop me tips and suggestions regarding my pursuit...Thanks in advance to all!

    Bill B.
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    Bill, first off, welcome to the wonderful world of Opels. You can't ruffle my feathers, or some others on this site, but there are some "Purists" here and hopefully they will see that just preserving another GT is enough to placate them somewhat. Now, to make the car competitive, or even put a fairly large engine in the car, forget about using the unibody as an anchor. There is just too much flex. There have been two GT drag cars in the past couple of months on e-bay, but both had substantial ladder frames with the bodies sitting on the framework. That is the only way to go. There are rumors of the windshield popping out of the car after folks tried to run SBC engines because of the unibody flex. If you plan on using the Cam-In-Head engine that comes in the Opels, there are some very knowledgeable folks that can impart extensive information on how to get most out of these engines, and how to setup the suspension for various types of racing. It would nice to know what your plans are as far as powerplant and drivetrain so the knowledgeable folks can give you their expertise gained from the years of experience. Again, welcome to the site.

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    welcome aboard!

    Can't help you with the how-to I like the twisty's not the stright ahead stuff but across the river from St louis there are these folks that just dropped a 350 into a GT without any improvements. Opelbits has seen it and says it almost drags on the ground.... stock brakes too... spooky but the window has not popped out..

    There is the V8 manta sight and there seem to be a couple dozen of them.

    it's on the opel ring

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