A young Opel addict says hello
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Thread: A young Opel addict says hello

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    A young Opel addict says hello

    I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and tell everybody a little about myself.

    I was born in to a very Opel loving family, by the time I arived we had already had 2 Opel GT's a 70 and 69. I'm now 23 and my Dad (the Opel lover) just bought the 6th Opel that I found one this site. On the ad-board is/was a 1972 offerd by denveropel. This was going to be my first opel, but Dad had the money and he loved it as much as I did, and for now it looks like he will keep it.

    I have been driving his 73 for about 2 months now, the only problem is the body on her is rusted out. So my Dad and I are going to rebuild her with the good parts from the other 5. The 70 means the most to Mom and Dad because it was there wedding present (wed in Jan 1973) I can't really remember this one being driven all that much.

    The 69 on the other hand was the one I remember most, driving on dads lap to go to the store (we lived in a small town Fredrick Colorado) it was used as a snowmobile jump in NH, (Dad was pissed). My brother broke the key off in the ignition and then riped the stearing colum cover off with a pair of pliers (do you know how hard that piece is to find). To my dimay this car is beyond repair or rebuild (I don't have the time or money)

    The 72 that we just bought may become mine after the rebuild of the 70 and I am already starting to customize it. We have enough instramint panels for me to start with all new gauges and switches (any tips for new switches I would love to hear ..) I would prefer to keep a small portion of the car stock, but me being the young kid that I am, want some young blood style to the car. (stereo, body kits, gauges, switches, rear spoiler) but I have a feeling that (and I hate to say it) when my Father dies (and not soon I hope) I will inheret all of the Opel's that we have, which means I would get the 70 rebuild.

    Befor I go let me share a small story from this last weekend

    On sat after we buy the 72 (our 6th in the family) We get home and I change the oil in the 73 (my daily driver) My 3 or 4 year old nephew, Alex, wanted to help but I told him he couldn't. He was very disapointed, I go back on Sun to change the oil on the new 72, and tell Alex he could help, because he had been a good boy all day. So we get under the car and he watched in awe and helped change the oil. After all was done he was so happy to have worked on "Grandad's and Uncle Joe's cool new car" (I swear that it what he said word for word) I wanted to take the car for a quick test drive, to make sure I didn't mess anything up, so I grabbed Alex, sat him on my lap like Dad used to do to me, and he drove us around the block. I think I have created another Opel lover, and hope that when he turns 16 I can help him rebuild an Opel of his own. It made my heart melt to see him so happy after the test drive, and I rememberd all the times my Dad would sit me on his lap and drive some where close.

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    Joe, that's a neat story. Welcome to the world of Opels. I can tell that your family is already consumed by Opelitis, and may appear to have affected your nephew also. Any questions you may have can usually be answered by using the search button in the tool bar, just type in a word or phrase for what you want to know and all threads containg the word or phrase will be on the screen for you to check out. If for some reason the answer is not in the threads, by all means ask away, but kindly use the forum for the system you have the question on. It makes the site moderators happy and will keep you from getting chastised, in a mild way, just to keep you on your toes. Again, welcome aboard.

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