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Thread: Week End Wrap Up Two Weeks before the Opel OctoberFeast 10/25/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by OpelsUnlimited View Post
    Weekend Wrap Up Saturday August 10, 2019
    Almost immediately upon our return Tammy ended up in the Hospital. She scared us to death but is now on the mend. It was tough managing everything with Tammy in the Hospital.
    I am sorry to hear Tammy ended up in the hospital, and hope she is doing better. This is a wake up call for all of us, we all need to work on our health.
    Oklahoma Opel Preservation Society

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    Weekend Wrap Up Saturday August 24, 2019

    Weekend Wrap Up Saturday August 24, 2019

    It has been a stellar couple of weeks here at Opels Unlimited. So much hard work and sweat so many positive results.

    We put out two pallets this week. One was a long awaited Rear End and the second was a complete performance Engine going out to Austin, Texas.

    Two Kadett's were staged and are ready for pick up to go to their new home in Vero Beach, Florida. They will be picked up within the next two weeks completing a two year dream project for the new owner.

    Another long awaited project was the picking up of 4 GT's full of new and used parts even including 2 new GT windshields. These GT's are coming down from Washington and our transporter has moved heaven and earth to bring these cars to the Museum in Riverside.

    With the arrival of these cars Todd will have lots of options for a great Used Parts Sale we can publish next week along with the alot of speciality items arriving with these fully packed cars. Including in these parts is a rare lift-up rear Louver Set in metal. Just $300 for this one shot deal.

    Another thing that happened was that Todd posted pictures of rims that went viral. We received nearly 100 contacts in 4 days. Wow!

    Also a ton of pictures were sent out for brand new NOS Rear End parts, Crank Kits, Rallye Gauge Packages, New German Lenses and both early and late Manta Bumpers. What a week.

    Todd is working with a new 2000cc German Import Head customer and to that end he checked out a Big Valve 2.0 Liter head for this new project. He even ordered a performance Cam as well the big bore 2000cc Piston Set and forged Crank and Rods. Things are going very well and we will begin palleting the order soon.

    We received confirmation from one of our top German suppliers that they are ready to process a big new New parts order for us. It is so big it will have to be split into 3 big boxes. We are thrilled to provide them with an order so that we can produce a New Part Sale for everyone in a couple of weeks.

    Also on the German front another update is that we will be offering that really big all stainless steel 2 inch GT exhaust system again. It was a really big hit this year and offers a rust free complete exhaust that can build up to a 14 horsepower increase and works very well with all of our Opel motor sizes. The entire system from front to back is still only $899.95.

    If you have been wishing for one of your own it is a great time to get your order in so you don't have to wait for our next big European shipping batch to come in.

    On another note we finished up a great deal right here in the USA giving us lots of Master Cylinder and Power Brake Booster options as well as a nice new NOS factory lenses. Rare dealer buy.

    Another batch of new NOS lenses coming in from Germany as well.

    It has been a really great week for Opel GT Owners here at Opels Unlimited.

    Just for grins we probably should publish our current phone numbers and email address out there for all of our newest customers. We seem to forget that everyone should know our name and contact info.

    [email protected] 909-355-OPEL (6735) and Todd's personal cell 562-690-1051. We are open everyday from noon to midnight PST.

    Todd is proud of his daily huge check off lists and last week set up an additional 10 new orders. Including an out of country sale of speciality new Kadett B lenses. Todd has been busting his buns on that one and it is almost done.

    Looking forward to September as a great month to sell cars Todd was able to fix up a silver 1969 red interior GT 4 speed Original Owner and will be offering it for $2,000. It has a great straight body and will make someone a nice project car.

    Our 1975 Yellow Ascona is also being prepped for sale for $4,800. This is the famous car that has made all of the trips across state lines. Tammy's actual Froggy Yellow Ascona with Tow Hitch reinforced rear bumper, fuel injection, Stage II Cam, factory Big Brakes, fuely header, high output alternator, automatic 2 door. Not rusted. Looks like original bright Yellow paint. Kenwood CD Stereo. New Windshield and Rubber just a few weeks ago. Still starts runs and drives. Some maintenance needed. Call for details.

    We also got offical title paperwork for our stunning rootbeer brown 1974 Ascona Wagon. This mint vehicle is available for $14,950., Best original example of a perfectly good running driving car with awesome paint and interior. Possibly the best one in the United States right now. Unbelievable history. Bright and Shiny. New plates. New Title. Current Regirstration until next year. Absolutely ready to sell all over the world.

    We will be prepping other cars that will be available throughout the month so stay tuned.

    Todd is excited to report that he received one of his original Opels Unlimited speciality Cams back in the mail and intends to profile the Cam with Isky and have them available to sell as an Opels Unlimited Exclusive yet again. This is one of the best designs in the history of Opel and many people will remember this. There have been numerous requests for Opels Unlimited to sell it's Stage II and Stage III Cams to the public this year.

    Tis the season for A/C and to that end we sold a complete GM A/C System to a new customer and will be putting it on a pallet to ship out to Arizona.

    With the continous parting out of another Washington GT saved from years before, comes another entire factory GM A/C system which is being removed and is currently avaiable for purchase at just $1250 for everything. Both inside and outside the car. It can be yours as soon as we receive payment. Just one more speciality item available for this Summer only.

    Manta and Ascona owners remember we have A/C systems available at $300 for your cars.

    Todd was alerted to a a whole stash of exhaust parts which allowed him to take care of a few orders. It was like finding a time capsule.

    What an amazing amount of productivity.
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    Weekend Wrap Up Sunday September 8, 2019

    Weekend Wrap Up Sunday September 8, 2019

    Hey Folks we had such a great week. One of our favorite people in the whole world came to see us, Johnny Roberson, President of the Opel Enthusiast Club. He brought his wife, son, grandson and grandson's girlfriend. It was quite a family scene. They were all there to witness the handing over of the famous Green Wagon to it's new owner Angel, the Grandson.

    This day was a long time coming and Todd had put a lot of elbow grease into this little Wagon. He handed it over running, purring like a kitten and there were smiles all around. Todd, Carlos, Johnny's son, and Angel took the Wagon for a test drive in the Museum's neighborhood. They had a blast. The whole afternoon was a joy and spending time with Johnny is always such a pleasure.

    Lot's of pictures this week of our afternoon.

    Also, great news from Germany. The Euro is down and we were able to place a huge order with one of our favorite suppliers. The goodies will be here in a few weeks and we are going to have a special sale. In the meantime we thought we would do a different sale in anticipation of the Germany parts.



    1. Complete Carpet Kit Opel GT. Includes all Carpet throughout including the back deck. Very well made drivers side even has heel plate installed for both bottom and side. $249.95.

    2. 6 piece Front Carpet Kit. Same as above includes everything from the seats forward. Both sides and tunnel hump too. $199.95

    3. GT Rear Tire Snap Flap. German made includes new snaps for both sides. High quality materials and workmanship. Includes upper two inch vinyl and board strip sewn in. $79.95

    4. GT Rear Window Package Tray. Same high quality set up to go with or without Speaker. Nicely padded. Speaker pattern set up on back side only with C and C mill. Also made in Germany. $69.95

    5. GT Rear Window Package Tray Vertical Strip. The small vertical board along the back side of the window. All rear assembly. Has matching material. Made in Germany. $23.95

    6. GT Headliner Kit. Complete Headliner Kit made in Germany. High quality and good fit. $119.95

    7. Opel GT Console Shifter Boot. Duplicates factory original. Seals to body well. Keeps the heat and smells out of your car. German made. $29.95

    8. GT Emergency Brake Cover Boot. All pre-sewn nice production. $24.95

    9. GT Stitched Vinyl Shifter Boot Cover. A common addition on German Interiors. This goes over the original rubber boot. Was designed to help match up all Interior pieces together. Also $24.95.


    10.. Opel GT Main Door to Body Rubber. Our number one seller. Best quality. Available. Sold each per side. $39.95

    11. Also Lower Body Door Sill Rubber. The bottom Rubber you see when the door is open. Keeps road water out. Sale $6.99

    12. Opel GT Front Window Rubber. German one piece solid type. No Chrome Strip. Popular in the last year. $139.85

    13. Opel GT Rear Window Rubber. German one piece solid type. No Chrome Strip. Popular in the last year. $129.95

    14. Manta Ascona 71-75 Kadett C 75 Front Window Rubber. German one piece solid type. No Chrome Strip. Popular in the last year. $139.95

    15. Manta Ascona 71-75 Kadett C 75 Rear Window Rubber. German one piece solid type. No Chrome Strip. Popular in the last year. $129.95

    16. Manta Ascona 1900 Kadett C Front Window Rubber. Original Tupe with provision for Chrome Strip. $139.95

    17. Manta Ascona 1900 Kadett C Rear Window rubber. Original Type with provision for Chrome Strip. HUGE OVERSTOCK SALE. $79.95 each

    18. Chrome Roll Front and Rear Window Rubber Center Chrome. Does both Front and Back Windows on any Original type Rubber for all GT, Manta, Kadett, Ascona and 1900 models. SPECIAL SALE $59.95

    19. Opel GT Rear Side Pop Out Windows Rubber. Fits all 71-73 or any GT with Pop Out Windows. $63.95. Anyone who wants a set of Pop Out Window Glass with all six Hinges on this sale just $80 complete.


    20, We now have another restock from Germany. Popular seller. The Double Bend Heater Hose Kit. Originally made for all Manta Ascona owners but Kadett people use it too. Or it can give you two Double Bend Heater Hoses for GT. $32.95

    21. New Clutch and Pressure Plate all 1900 motors. New part heavy duty German Made. $199.95 per set.

    22. Clutch Throw Out Bearing. Highest quality. Heavy Duty and Heavy Weight. Best Throw Bearing available. Often hard to find. $59.95

    23. Opel GT Front Bumper Guard Rubber. Sweet new German Production. Comes with bolts, nuts, washers etc. complete. SUPER SPECIAL SALE $19.95 each.

    Hope you all loved our Special Summer Sale. Next time around our Sale will talk about all the newest parts from different companies coming in from Europe. Alot of it is already paid for and should arrive here in a couple of weeks.

    So stay tuned and look for our next Special Sale.

    Take Care and Happy Opeling.
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