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3 Fun Cars

3 Fun Cars

The fleet out of the garage on 12/22/05.

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Great Pic Mike
Please characterize the driving differences of each.

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not only an opel, but my other love.. the datsun Z.. and the nissan.. i never thought i'd say this to any one.. I envy you!!!!!

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Hey Paul,

1977 280Z - Starts EVERYTIME (fuel injected) and very dependable, somewhat noisy, revs forever, spongy handling (stock sway bars, needs to be lowered and heavier swaybars) but corners well, braking ok but could be alot better (has drums on rear), cruises at 110 easily (5 spd)...goes faster but gets somewhat yippy over 110. 28 mpg at a constant 90 mph between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Easy to work on.

1973 Opel - Starts everytime but cranks for awhile especially when sitting and is grumpy at first due to sprint manifold (takes awhile to warm up). Not so fast even though it has early (rebuilt and bored) higher compression engine. Handles like a go-cart ...has been lowered with gas shocks and front swaybar...but still rides well due to stock size wheels and plenty of tire sidewall. Somewhat noisy, and breaks seem to work well (calipers rebuilt, new rotors and all pads and shoes). Not as fast as the 77 Z but handles better even with solid axle. About the same mpg as the 77 Z. Easy to work on.

1993 300ZX - Great engine, great handling and comfortable to drive. Blows the other two away. I hate working on it (it is very dependable tho) and usually don't work on it. Is a great highway cruiser. Still seems like a very modern car. 220 HP. 18 mgp city and about 25 freeway.

Thanks for the nice comments.

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