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Vacuum Weber one-way Distributor

Vacuum Weber one-way Distributor

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This is a confusing mix of individual images, copied out of context, from articles in the OMC Blitz issues of January 1996 and June 2006.

It is an inaccurate presentation, as "E" (carburetor port designed to connect to distributor vacuum advance) and "F" (a retard-only vacuum port, found only on the rare 1975-only distributor) should NOT be connected together! ("D" and "F" can be connected, and "E" would be capped, but there is more you need to know to adjust that correctly, if you do plan to install a 1975-style distributor).

Please refer to the corrected versions, available as a FREE Adobe Acrobat format download, at: http://www.opelclub.com/html/engine.html
(See both of the links, for the date of June 2006,
to get the correct information)

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Vacuum Leaks
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