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General Information

Opel Manta - Sweet Pea!!
Jade Mist - Patina
Sport Coupe 1900 Fuel Injected
Recently acquired this beauty (my 1st Opel)f rom a towing yard - who claimed that the car was bought at an auction. She'll need a good amount of TLC -looking forward to the endeavor. In fact, I'm well underway - I've worked on the car nearly every day since it arrived in my driveway. It's getting closer thanks to Paul Kaman and Opel GT Source (thank you, thank you for the parts!!). It won't be long now before she's on the road - I've set a goal for having it ready by spring/summer with the hope of driving out to some Opel events.

While gutting the interior I found an old Opel GT Source invoice in a big box of extra parts (mostly EFI) that had the previous owners information - Naturally, I reached out for a more complete history. Apparently, it sat for 20 years - could never get it to run correctly (hence the low 55K miles) on it. While removing the Bosch LE Jet-Tronic EFI - I think I found the problem - the green wire that goes to the neg. terminal on the coil was disconnected. Anyhow, the PO took the car to a repair shop for a compression test and was hit with an $800 bill. The PO refused to pay this and the car sat at the shop until it was towed away and sold at auction. The PO was not exactly thrilled to hear from me, but was happy that the car had found a good home. A good home indeed!!
I've removed the entire EFI system and converted to a weber 32/36. This has left me with two big boxes of 1975 Bosch LE Jet-tronic fuel injection parts. I know there must be someone out here that has an interest in these goodies!! I'd like to find someone to take these off my hands - space is limited. I'm open to cash offers - but, I'd really be interested in trading for parts that I need for snugging up this Manta. I'm looking for and would be willing to trade for:

  • Opel Manta front Air Dam
  • Early 70-73 chrome bumpers
  • Stock rallye wheels
  • Decent Lowering Coils
  • Opel Bucket Seats / Seat Covers
  • Jade Mist Paint
Thanks for checking out this showcase - I'm stoked to be on this Forum and a part of the Opel Family. Please feel free to contact me if you, or anyone you know might be interested in the Bosch LE Jet-Tronic treasure trove.




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Nice Manta. Not interested in EFI but, I do have a complete set of bumpers including over riders.
Thank you @ Mercougary!! Seeing your message has brightened my day. Some like the aesthetic of the larger bumpers found on the '75... the look isn't bad (especially compared to modern day designs) but, my preference is the older style. I've been searching for a pair for what feels like time and memorial. I'm very interested in taking these off your hands. I will send you a PM with my contact information right now!!! Thank you, thank you, kind sir!!!

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Looks awesome! Very cool to see more and more people getting these cars back on the road. I'm glad you joined this forum and excited to see how the progress comes along :)

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Like the Manta! I'm interested in the EFI if it's available. Lmk. I might have a small can of Jade
paint. It had a color formula sticker on it that your paint guy may be able to use.