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Chrome Yellow
upgrades galore
I bought this car brand new in 1971. Didn't know how I could afford it, but made it through OK. Drove it for 15 years, then parked it in the driveway (Big Mistake). Sat there for another 15 years, then my niece the cop came by and said I had to move it in the back yard or it would be towed. (Rotten kid). Thought that would be a great time to start to get her back on the road
1971 Opel GT (Chrome Yellow)


2.4 liter with Getrag 5 speed transmission. Twin 38 Weber carb. Rewired with a modern 16 circuit blade fuse box. Now she has the OGTS headers with the ceramic finish on it. Plenty of gas pedal left after I chicken out.
Restored dash by Just Dashes, new door panels, kick panels, steering wheel, carpets, headliner, three point seat belts, 10 gallons of noise deadener. I got some original Opel GT seats from one of our members. The Ex threw the original seats in the garbage. The seats have been recovered and they look great. Now I can actually drive the GT without bumping my head on the headliner.
Fiberglass hood, Revo rims and Yokohama tires, spoiler with custom third brake light. new paint job, Polyurethane in the original color. The license plate is OPEL GT, I was lucky, went into the Nevada DMV and the lady there told me it was available and had not been used for 10 years. Thank you!!!!
SD Card mp3 player and AM FM radio. The SD card has about 2000 songs on it, put it on random and you will never hear the same song twice. It has a Bluetooth talking hands free phone calls. The most entertainment is driving it.
Stock with the exception of front and rear sway bars, All bushings replaced with poly bushings. It handles nice and tight.
Wheel and Tire
TSW Revo six spoke chrome mags. Yokohama Parada Asymetric tires 205/45R 16. It also has front dis brakes that are drilled to keep them somewhat cool.



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Hello Ms Bobby's girl,
Gil used to have get-togethers out here at Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley as I remember, around North Hollywood or Van nuys... Glad to see he's still having them in Northern California where he lives because nowadays I'm not so ashamed to show my li'l jalopy off at anybody's get together lik zi was, because "BABY" rocks the house these days... Even with her satin black, semi gloss finish... with Gil's great Germany Imported 2.0 SHO engine he personally delivered me way down to Hollywood & the racing headers he sent me combined with my self modified DGAS racing carb with open air filter he also recommended, along with my Pertronics electromagnetic point system, MSD multi spark street fire ignition system & dozens of other little home enhancements over the years makes it sound like a cross between a Harley racing bike & a Bic Mack truck when I floor it... Lucky I found that all limited slip differential at pick a part 20 years ago or I could barely keep it from spinning out, especially in the rain... For some reason it's also constantly referred to by everyone as the Batmobile... Must be that wicked lookin Grand Am spoiler I put on the back & extended my gas spout upwards through it so the original chrome GT cap sits on top, And a chrome 240 Z bumper guard I put on a front to stop nose cone damage from clumsy driverAnd a chrome 240 Z bumper guard I mounted on over the front Chrome bumper to stop nose cone damage from clumsy patkers while retro blending perfectly... with Gil's twin double barrel (quad) Anza Ferrari tail pipes on back along with the blk aircraft aluminum rear & side window louvers I also got from Gil all combined to make "Baby" look totally wicked... Which kinda defeats the original effect I wanted as a cool lookin "chick magnet", because she tends to intimidate most of the sweet ladies at first glance... She actually turned out to be more of a ding dang "dude magnet" :{ Sheesh!!! I gotta beat em off with a vacuum hose sometimes... But I still luv my homemade li'l baby, with her mysterious Batmobile look in all...

(Say hi to Gil from Dj in Hollywood)

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Mr. DJ-GT. I will let Gil know that you said hi. Maybe you can evenmake ti to Sonora and join the fun, that is the pandemic ever gets over.