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1973 Opel GT, 81,000 miles
1974 Manta just pulled from the woods, need help with parts!
My rebuilt of Opel Manta
Hi. Am located in Markham-Toronto area. Several years ago I completely stripped a 71 Opel GT for spare parts for my '72. I unfortunately no longer have the '72, so I no longer need all these parts. What do you need?
This is a 1969 Gt automatic and a red interior
1975 Opel Manta Sport Couple - Bosch LE Jet-tronic EFI to Weber 32/36 (EFI Parts Treasure Trove)
I bought this car of Scotto at Hoonigan after it sat for a couple of years. Those two years took their toll as all the window seals leaked and the recently refurbished interior got pretty ruined. Luckily it doesn't look like much rust, just the battery tray area which has already been cut free...
This is a 1969 Opel kadett L wagon 1.9 Liter with 12.5k original miles on it's a WIP but its going to be a very nice street cruiser for me and my dad
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