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It was a California car imported early 80s. I bought it 1991 It was registered interstate, changing it to Queensland was not easy the rhd conversion needed re engineering to be accepted here.
5 years after that I had fitted the Gemini (kadett C) front end and got it registered.
Since then very thing which could brake has broken.
First the auto trans died, I replaced it with a Torana 4 speed, then the diff went i replaced it with a Gemini wagon rear end. and so it goes. I am sticking to GM parts so it now my "kit car"
1970 Opel GT (Red)


The original engine used to cook my left foot and the gear lever cam through too far back.
So i decided to swap to a Isuzu G200W twin cam engine.
It has not been fitted yet the engine is currently sitting in a frame i made to simulate the dimensions of the engine compartment.
I am custom making a intake and extractors.
The gear box came with the motor but has has required work to fit it properly fit.
It Had mazda seats when i bought it but they were way to high. I found (at the local rubbish tip) a pair of seats that fitted nicely.
The plan is to keep thing 70s style.
So its getting the sunroof hole filled.
It had been fitted off center and who ever fitted it cut in to the roof frame on the LH side to get it in, I hated it.
It will have flares manly because I am no panel beater and each wheel arch was different.
The sound comes from the symphony the car makes as I drive and the volume is just under the drivers right foot
Kadett C / Gemini front end with big vented brakes and shock through the spring.

Kadett C/ gemini wagon rear end with GT torque tube.

Lowered 2 inches
Wheel and Tire
Yes I love my 3 piece Simmons wheel but since finalizing the shape of my flares I needed 0 offset front and back. to buy the bits to modify my 3 piece wheels was just too expensive at this time so I had some retro Challenger wheel made to my spec. 8x15 front and 10x15 rear both with 0 offset next change is tyres.



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