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Opel yellow
I bought the car on EBay from Grass Valley, California. I believe that I am the second owner. It had been off the road since 1993. The car was totally rust free but, needed a lot of TLC. When dismantling the car I found a package of maps from 1976 of the Santiego, CA area and two reels of 8mm film. One turned out to be an Indy race and the other a pool party from the 70's in California with some of the video depicting whom I believe to be the original owner.
1970 Opel GT (Opel yellow)


I rebuilt the 1.9 engine and kept it stock. The carb was replaced with a new 32-36 weber carb and the points were replaced with a Crane electronic system.
The interior was burnt crispy so I replaced everything except the door panels which were in excellent condition; although I replaced the brushed felt at the top of the panels. The interior workings of the doors were rebuilt. The dash is covered with the vinyl stitch cover from OGTS. The door sills are new reproductions. The steering wheel is a Fusini wheel because my 1970 wheel was decomposing.
The car was stripped and painted the original yellow. All the lens gaskets were replaced and the rear and front side marker lenses are reproductions from OGTS. The bumpers have been re-chromed. All the window seal rubbers have been replaced. The side mirror was replaced with a reproduction. Of course the headlights were rewired.
I replaced the Opel Kadet AM radio with the Opel GT one simply for the name. I have a remote sound system hidden in the spare tire compartment so as to not take away from the stock look of the car.
All the suspension rubber was replaced with polyurethane. Addco sway bars have been added front and rear.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels with 175/R75/13 B F Goodrich tires were retained. The Booster and the master cylinder were replaced with the 9" booster and a 22mm master cylinder from OGTS. The front calipers are the new 48mm ones. The rear brakes are stock with new wheel cylinders.



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