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General Information

Manta A
Gunmetal Gray
Base Model
I bought this Manta in January of 2016. It had belonged to a close friend who had driven it for a summer. When he first bought the car I told him I wanted to be first in line to be able to buy it if he ever decided to sell it. I had no idea that Opel even existed before I laid eyes on this Manta. A few years later my friend had gone to college and the Opel sat in his garage back home collecting dust and untouched. He offered to sell it me and I bought it right away. Since then I've made many modifications and made the car my summer daily driver. Its not perfect but to me its the best car I've ever owned! Some may recognize the car as it was on Jalopnik years ago when it was being sold by the guy who sold it to my buddy. Search "For $2100, Be down with the Manta" on Jalopnik. Apparently this was an OK car but that is all I know of its history before my friend bought it.
1974 Opel Manta A (Gunmetal Gray)


Modified and Rebuilt 1.9L now a "2.0L"
-2.0L High Compression Pistons
-2.0L Int/Ex Valves
-Norris Cam
-New Cap and Rotor
-New NGK Sparkplugs
-New Mechanical Fuelpump
-32/36 Weber DGEV (electric choke)
-1972 Cylinder Head
-Rebuilt 4-Speed
-Every single piece of this Engine was rebuilt or upgraded in the first half of 2016. I plan upgrading the ignition system and switching the fuel pump to electrical at some point.
-Seats out of a wrecked Olds Alero with black covers.
-Bosch triple gauge set. Volts/Coolant Temp/ Oil Psi. Currently Mechanical but planning to switch to electrical
--Bosch Tachometer
-New OGTS shift knob
-Fire Extinguisher in front of passenger seat.
-OGTS Dash Mat and Rear Deck Mat
-Old fuse box replaced and rewired with blade type fuse box with added accessory fuse box.
-I plan to replace the headliner at some point along with all the weather stripping alongside the doors and windows. A PO glued the rear windows shut so that will be fixed as well. Still undecided about the carpet. Also planning on welding and patching some floor rust.
Stock 1974.
-Hella 500 Spotlights
-Rear Tanaka Tow Strap
-Future Modifications
*GT/E front lip
*Pre-1974 Slim Front Bumper
Sony CD Deck. With Aux. Still have to hook up speakers.
Stock although not for long!
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels painted gloss black. Stock tire size upfront with a larger size tire in the back. Wheels and tires will probably be changed in the future for something more aggressive.



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