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Manta Luxus
Automatic Transmission and Burgundy Cordoroy
My buddy found this in Illinois, south of Chicago. A lawyer turned romance novelist had this Opel sitting in an environmentally control garage for 10 years. The automatic transmission went out on her and she never got it fixed. He dropped a rebuilt 4 speed into it and did a lot work with the fuel lines, exhaust and brakes. As you can see the body is in great shape, save some bubbling on the trunk and hood.

So...what to do with a vehicle that is a simple paint job away from being nearly perfect. No body rust, engine bay or battery box rust....simply beautiful!!! She has but 47,000 original on her and still looks like she's ready to race.

After looking online at images and reading some peoples stories, I have decided to convert Hedda into a Rallye. She already has the 4 spd in her so, why not take it to the next level. I plan on replacing the headliner and carpeting first....it's there and in decent shape...just stinks from pest and rodent control chemicals. Might look into some new buckets up front....something with some bolstering so it holds me in while in tight turns.

Next will be to remove the vinyl from the hard top. I've grow to like it though, no Rallye had a vinyl top....next paint, bead blast the rims and get re-powder coated...remove the luxux badge and put on the new mantas (have two perfect unused originals - chrome) under the Manta badge.

Small items that will take priority will be to put in an electronic ignition and replace the Solex with a new Weber. That should warm her up a little quicker.
1974 Opel Manta Luxus (Silver)


Originally came with an automatic transmission. My buddy dropped a rebuilt 4 speed in.

Just installed a Pertronix Electronic Ignitor and a 3.0 ohm Flamethrower coil.

New NGK Standard plugs.

FINALLY: Sand blasted the air cleaner and valve cover
Needs to be gutted and re-upholstered.
I plan to strip the vinyl off the top and convert her to a Rallye.
Before I purchased the Manta from Oldbugss, I helped him put in a softer ride shock in the back. Makes a big difference rolling down the highway at her sexy 62 mph.
Wheel and Tire
Planning on getting the original rims bead blasted and re-powder coated...then reapply the silver on the spokes and edge.



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