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General Information

British Racing Green
1.1 Liter
Purchased new in Kansas City, Missouri in July 1969 by the late Ken Moore (former P&G executive). He said he only drove it on weekends and to work on Mondays if the weather forecast showed no rain or snow. Otherwise Ms. Opel was stored in his climate controlled garage.
1969 Opel GT (British Racing Green)


1.1 liter engine with duel single barrel Solex carburetors that get Ms. Opel down the road at 54 mpg.
Only the upper and lower radiator hoses, the fan belt, spark plugs, plug wires and an electronic ignition system (replacing the points and condenser) and one fuel jet have been replaced with original NOS Opel parts (except the electronic ignition system - Pentrix). The plastic hose running from the storage bowl for windshield wiper fluid has also been replaced.
100% factory original including the red ball jack and original spare tire that has never been off the black rim.
With the exception of a Christmas box being dropped on the hood scoop back in 1982 resulting in the dent being pinged out (under the hood one can still see the ping marks made during the repair) and the hood exterior being painted with a lacquer. The muffler, rear resonator, brake hoses and brake pads have been replaced with NOS Opel parts. Otherwise, the exterior of the car is original paint and factory original even with the four (4) original tires on the original rims used for Invitational displays or major
Vintage or Concours d'Elegance events.
Original AM radio and a gater chip-on Sony speaker to the rear speaker.
100 % Factory original
Wheel and Tire
A second set of 1969 Opel GT rims hold a set of 4 BF Goodrich Radial T/A P175/70R13 tires for street use.
Again, the original Uniroyal tires mounted on the original rims are used for major car shows for those extra points on the table.
In early 2012, Ms. Opel entered 10 quality car shows in southwestern Florida and was awarded in 9 of the shows.
The major award was a "Best of Show" award among an awesome field of show cars at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum.



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