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I bought this car new in 1972 as a left over new car from Keyport Buick/Opel in Keyport New Jersey. Since at the time I was not old enough to drive, my Father drove it off and on for a year or so but I paid for the car new as I wanted it so badly when it came out. I kept this car until 1990 when I lost my father I just lost the desire to have the memory around of a car he and I both loved so much. I since regretted selling it. As I result I have restored at least four or five other GTs over the years trying to find the perfect one that makes me feel like that first one. I put over 300K on it and it ran like new when I sold it. The current 1970 I own is just like it except it has solid lifters as a 70 and I added popout rear windows. The 1970 also has GM AC original to the car. I purchased the interior 100%
1971 Opel Gt



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