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Hot Hues Blue Mood
This car has Community College stickers on it that say it went to Mrytle Beach in 1992 and then 1992 NYC tags on Spring Break and did not make it back!
I paid too much for the car and paid to have it hauled to Maryville,TN near Knoxville. I don't know why I didn't wait for another. I guess I was up to a challenge at the time and a challenge I got!
1971 Opel GT (Hot Hues Blue Mood)


I completely removed everything under hood.
Dismantaled engine and sent crank to be ground to two under mains and rods.
The crank was never ground before.
I had new valves and seals and hardened seats put in for today's gas and magnafluxed head.
Had crank machined to fit new thrust main bearing. The head was machined almost two for flatness. All new seals and gaskets 7521 3 wire delco alternator, new water pump, new gears and cover in oil pump, new gas pump, replaced valve cover, new timing gear, chain,t ensioner and slides, replaced flywheel, pilot bearing, clutchplate, disk, throwout bearing. Converted the trans to 4 spd, drive shaft and driveshaft spring, changed rearend from 344 to 318. Rebuilt Starter. Installed extra 30 amp block fuse and RadioShack Relay in starter system with new factory Starter switch from Opelsource. Then completely rewired everything.

Wowww!!!! Did I Do All This ??? I am So tired !!!
I completely removed all of the interior to just a shell. Then I had to replace most of front floor boards, dash, instrument, panel, console, radio, steering wheel, steering colume, put 4spd pedals (racing), new rear deck, restored seats, kick and door panels, and a new headliner. I also added a volt gauge to dash.
I decided on four red tail lights.
Replaced rear quarter panals with new steel.
Refabed front lower pan.
Updated Mirrors, antenna.
14" Primax rims,185x14x70 altamax's
ADDING A/C to GT...505 Sanden a/c compressor,homemade passenger side mount and bracket,idler pulley(hayden)and added inverted,cam cover end to form pulley mount with longer bolts,ara alluminum water hose re-router,double crank pulley,new after market condenser,new belts,12"push fan,7 blade engine fan,moved battery forward. "more to come later"...opey7
I put all new ball joints and replaced upper control arm bushings with poly.Bought all four poly but lower look good right now.Replaced tierod ends and new steering arm bellows. as of 4/12/2012 I pulled rearend (318) and and replaced it with a completlly rebuilt 1971 (344) rearend and pulled the 70 (4speed) and put in a low milage (72). all with new seals and bushings and bearinigs. wowwww! no more bearing noises or whine!



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