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Red for now - originally yellow - plans are blue
Several ordered from internet:)
Car originally from Texas then bought and shipped to Indiana, driven during summers, now in Kentucky. Plans to repaint. I will keep it in garage when not driving, but want to build it to drive. It is just so neat to see young people's faces that have never seen one of the cars and also people my age that think back and remember something neat about them.
1972 Opel GT (Red for now - originally yellow - plans are blue)


This is where I will begin soon. Someone rattle canned black which is coming off and looks bad. Will paint same color as body in future. Ordered new pistons, rings, etc. from Gil to begin rebuilding my spare engine. Current engine may go for a long time, but not knowing history of engine just keeps me from trust factor for a long trip. Also a little smoke and not good compression. Still runs good. Mmm.
Very serious smell. Finally found it. PO had placed house insulation all through the back and it became housing for a mouse colony. I pulled everything out and also pulled 4 garbage bags of house insulation out with plenty of poo. A lot of poo. Had to vacuum and wash out with a hose and disenfectent. Finally got rid of all of it.
Tried 17 inch wheels and all fit ok until I went to put the last one on the driver side rear. No way it would fit. No problems with other three. Oh well, back to Craigslist with wheels for sale and looking for others. Added rear window louvers and new mirrors. Installed rear louvers and new mirrors. Update: Used spacers on rear for 17s.
Read Brad's awesome directions and installed a console for around $20. Haven't decided on a volt/ compass type led or a back up screen to place on the front panel yet, but fits really nice and look's as though it was made for the GT.
Also installed to 10" subs in the back with amp. Have a new stereo to update when I pull the dash to add the white face gauges.
I still have the teal Opel GT. It could be fixed to be a nice car by a person that could weld really well, but I can not and it will be a donor car now. Engine runs and am going to rebuild it for Tex first. Then later to pull suspension off of it and rebuild for Tex so that I can keep one running. Those are future plans, but no one knows what the future will hold. :)
Wheel and Tire
Changed wheels to rally wheels for now. Looking for a set of 16 aluminum wheels. Update: Now have 17s on it with spacers on back. Will still look for a set of 16s as I think that size would look a little more proportional. 17x7.5 with ET40 - I thought these were not suppose to fit?



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