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Lenk wing/hood, splitter, ground effects, louvers
I started with a GT electric HO race car at age 10 then a subscription to Corvette Corner magazine at age 12(1971). Got my first rust bucket GT at age 19 for a $100. I drove it for a year until it wouldn't go anymore and left it on the side of the road. Then I got my second rust bucket GT at age 20 for another $100. I drove it for a year until it wouldn't go anymore and left it on the side of the road.
Both were the metallic green color.
Then I got a good one at age 25(1985). Ole Yeller. I popped a 2.0 in it and put the Mirage body kit on it. I may be the only guy in the U.S. who ever bought and installed that kit. I put about 200K miles on it and stupidly sold it about 12 years ago because the floor boards had started to go. I sold it for $900! What a fuckin' idiot. It now resides just two miles from my house in the murder capital of the U.S. and I haven't seen it in all that time.
Then I bought the Red Baron in 2007. My newest car, still in the making, will have the Racer X theme.
1970 Opel GT (Red)


2.0L(factory) engine
Medium lift split profile cam
RallyBob flowed and ported intake manifold with flow divider
Weber 38 DGEV carburator with power valve spring mod
K+N air cleaner on expanded/extended cold air intake
Posi-Flow electric fuel pump
Custom aluminum full size copy gas tank
Sprint exhaust manifold
Stainless Opel Olympia free flow muffler
Custom split pipe exhaust with large tips – no resonator
140amp, internally regulated, 1-wire alternator
Reduced mechanical advance distributor with no vac advance
Accu-Fire electronic ignition trigger
MSD 6AL ignition system and wiring with Blaster 2 coil and tach adapter
Rebuilt Opel/Chevy TH180 auto tranny(car was converted from stick to auto)
High stall torque converter
Auto tranny cooler
Honda 3-row radiator
Weapon-R coolant reservoir
Red 1550 cfm electric fan on adjustable relay supplementing 7 blade engine fan
Chromed valve, Weber intake adapter, cowl grill, and wiper motor covers
Chromed thermostat housing and brake reservoir cap
Opel gas cap used for valve cover oil cap modified to line up straight
All external engine bolts and every other bolt on car replaced with stainless steel allen head where applicable or available
White with green/red speckles shag house carpeting
Black with red trim floor carpets with blitz and wording
Opel logo head rest and seat belt pads on after market belts
2000se Mazda Miata/MX5 cream leather seats with scuff guards and matching armrest center console
Reman real wood oem steering wheel
White Opel rear view mirror
Red accents comprising red armrests, vertical door handle, and visors
VDO vacuum gauge in place of clock
Opel pocket watch hanging from mirror replaces clock
Auxillary/extended fuse box
Electronic flasher relay
Starter relay mod
Ignition switch relay mod
Fog light relay on oem switch
Headlight micro switch bypass mod
Rebuilt ignition switch
Ignition lockout deleted
Wiper/washer switch and bulb deleted
WW2 era Opel staff car shifter knob with insignia used as lighter knob
Lenk hood, wing, and ground effects
MORE/Opel air splitter/dam
Blue halogen headlights
Era non-oem fog lights with yellow bulbs
'82-'85 Toyota Supra rear side marker lights
Cheap aero side view mirrors
Maaco “presidential” paint job and crappy bodywork(some my own, most PO)
New Opel GT/Pontiac Solstice badging
Aluminum rear window louvers(gasket mount type)
Louvered mud flaps
Vinyl Opel blitz hood decal, Maltese cross door and other area decals, and “Red Baron” wording by Steve Goines
Assorted Red Baron themed junk that I put on the car for car shows(Snoopy, cap and goggles, etc.)
Basic after market cassette deck, amp, NR, electric interior antenna, and speakers
Front Addco and rear stock anti-sway bars
1” lowering single leaf front transverse spring
1” lowering progressive rear springs
All the red urethane bushings and assorted rubber doohickeys, mounts, booties, and supports
Rebuilt rack and pinion with new bushings
22mm master cylinder with 9” brake booster
’77 BMW vented disc rotors and ATE calipers with hub and spacer disc mod
¾” rear drum brake cylinders
Titanium coated brake lines with braided hoses
KYB heavy duty shocks
3:18 ratio rear axle
Wheel and Tire
15” x 7” El Diablo 4 x 100mm rims
Nitto 450 P195/50 tires



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Is that hood aftermarket or custom? im very interested in getting one