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  1. Is it weird or just plain wrong to put 69-70 emblems on a 1971?

    2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    I really like the looks of the emblems on the side fenders. Not too sure I care about the 1900 or GM logo. What do yall think? :feedback: I would probably grind off the pins and mount with 3m double sided gray tape. I need a volunteer to make me a template. Perhaps a paper bag cut open and...
  2. v6 swap or turbo the original engine

    Engine Swap Forum
    I want to turn my 1971 opel gt into a drift monster and i figured swapping the engine would be a good way to get hp. I also contemplated turboing the stock engine. I dont know what turbo to use. I know they have universal turbo kits on ebay for $500 with t3 turbo and intercooler and all that...
  3. gas tank

    Fuel Tank, Lines, Filters and Venting
    what is OGTS? lookin for gas tank for 71 opel any help