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  1. Carolina Opel Club
    I'm hoping there are some ppl still look on this site from the Carolinas...my name is Heath and I just got my hands on this Opel gt and will be putting up for sale soon... Please respond if anyone sees this discussion... Thank u
  2. Cars For Sale
    I bought this car a few months ago and have since realized, I don't have the time to restore it. It runs and was driven onto the trailer when I picked it up. It has 3X,XXX miles. Has a box of parts inside the car. Don't know what they are, I haven't opened any of the boxes. I do know the...
  3. General Opel GT Discussions
    It's a sad day I must say because I am having to sell my 1972 Opel GT. I have listed below the link to my ad. We are original owners and I really want to see it go to a good home. Thats why I wanted to post on here because I know it would be going to a good place. If anyone is interested please...
1-3 of 3 Results