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1973 gt
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    Before I list it it is here in Lake Elsinore California clear title current registration 5 speed 2.2 L engine nice paint Ferro seats all digital instruments Power door locks power windows nice rims with big brake package NEW Die Hard battery (12 /13) electric cooling fan removable roof nice...
  2. 1973 GT

    I had better replace the "o" in the back. It is hard enough to explain to people what an "Opel" is..."who made the Pel GT?"
  3. 1973 GT

    My new arrival. Just a couple of minor details, and down the road we shall go. A new drivers side floorpan, and new pads, shoes, and fluid replacement for the brakes.
  4. 1973 GT

    I will be re-installing the bumperettes.
  5. 1973 GT

    Just a small impact ding, thankfully, just above the light bannana lense.
  6. 1973 GT

    Interesting crankcase vent setup...I need to install the vacuum line to the small oriface though.
1-6 of 6 Results