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  1. 1974 Manta just pulled from the woods after 20 years, need help finding parts!

    Hi, I pulled a 1974 Manta from the woods on a neighbor's farm on December 22, 2021. I had been parked there for at least 20 years and is not really stripped, but vandalized (all glass broken). My interest is to restore it to as near factory as possible. The good news is that the rust isn't...
  2. Member Projects
    This will be the thread where I'll post updates as well as ask questions (probably more than anyone would want to answer, but hey, it's worth a shot!) related to the project I'm getting myself into. Chapter 1: How I decided to go the 3.4L route My engine is getting tired, as most 40 year old...
1-2 of 2 Results