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  1. 6C - Fuel System
    I have a 1972 Opel GT with the original 1.9L engine and I was wondering if i can add an EFI system to it, if so would anyone know where to find said system for my 1.9L engine ?
  2. 6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hello:veryhappy, well im restoring a Manta A turbo series replica from a 71 manta A SR and im doing it in a tight budjet and in Portugal we dont have much parts around. my question is: i was searching on the web and i saw in diferent specs websites that my car has 9.0:1 compression ratio and in...
  3. Engine Compartment

    sort of clean engine compartment
  4. Group 6 - Engine
    WHATS a stock 1.9L opel gt engines weight
1-4 of 5 Results