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  1. Power problems

    Post 1975 Opel's
    Hi there, I have an Opel Astra G 2001 with 2.0 dti 74kw engine (mechanical gearbox). Spanner light comes on and the power drops, but when giving it some beans from 2nd to 4th gear - the spanner light goes off and the power comes up again. When spanner light is off and while driving the car is...
  2. Opel GT Restoration questionnaire ~ Cams, clutches and cooling oh my!

    General Discussions
    Were not in Kansas anymore Toto, After much research, and trying to read between the lines, I am perplexed:dunno:. I am taking the crash course on Opel idiosyncrasies. Ive read tons of great threads on the subjects at hand but its difficult for me to decipher. Now I have a pounding :headache...
  3. 1970 Opel Kadett Wagon Turbo Project

    Member Projects
    Hello all. My name is Kevin. I have a shop in Northern California, Red Bluff to be exact. I am currently fist deep in a project for a customer and just foumd this forum. Love it, full of great info! The project car is a 1970 Opel Kadett. It came in with a partially disassembled engine. It had...