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  1. alternator removal

    1A - Starting and Charging System
    I have disconnected my alternator. I am having a problem getting it past the distribitor and out of the engine bay. What is the majic trick:
  2. Alternator upgrade for stereo?

    Group 9- Accessories: Radio/Heater/AC/Sound System
    Hello everyone, I did a forum search but was unsuccessful in finding an answer. I have just inherited a 70 GT that my father and I worked on when I was a kid. I am wanting to add a stereo to it at some point. Ours didn't have factory radio at all when we got it. If I remember correctly from what...
  3. Opel Technical Info Links & Threads

    Opel Tips & Tricks
    Just Like the title says Lady and germs... Share your favorite bookmarks. lets make this thread a treasure trove of quick hitting links... Lets try to keep it short and sweet, if you like the link, please no need to comment, just click like.... Of course constructive posts are just fine. Lets...
  4. What new alternator should I get?

    Charging System Modifications
    I'd like to upgrade the alternator in my GT, but I don't know what to do. If you have any suggestions, can you please either give me a part number or a place where I can get the alternator? I'd like to have a 60 amp alternator so that I have enough power to power an electric fan and various...
  5. Gt alternator removal

    1A - Starting and Charging System
    O.K. In the 1973 FSM (bastard creation that it is), after removing the bottom pivot bolt that holds the alternator in, the last step in "Alternator Removal" is "Rotate down and Remove Alternator". Now with the GT at least, this is just a cruel lie. It looks as if that will never happen as long...