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  1. 6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hey everyone, So the engine (CIH 1.6N) on my ascona B decided to quit on me about a year ago. Since I knew "nothing" about mechanics I decided to seek for professional help. They said it was the head-gasket and that it would cost me north of 650€ to replace it. Being a college student, i'm...
  2. 6A - Engine Mechanical
    Hey there everyone, can someone please show me where the block's coolant drain plug is located? I'm changing the head gasket in my ascona B and would like to know where said plug is located. Also, my engine is the CIH 16N. Thank you for your time! :cool:
  3. Group 6 - Engine
    Hey everyone! Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me what the diferences between the CIH 1.6 S and 1.6 N are? Internal components, diferent head..? Thank you for your time and knowledge! :D
  4. Mechanical
    Hey guys, I am in the market for a torque wrench in order to replace the head gasket on my ascona B. Can someone recommend a good one at a reasonable (let's say 40£) price. It would be awesome if it were also available on ebay or amazon (UK), so if there are any lads with that particular...
  5. General Discussions
    Just wanted to show off the new shoes I got for my Ascona. Nothing incredible but they look pretty good, fit perfectly, and the price was right. (for anyone curious, they are 15 inch, with 20mm of offset). This is a daily driver and project car at the same time, so while it may not be up to...
  6. Member Projects
    This will be the thread where I'll post updates as well as ask questions (probably more than anyone would want to answer, but hey, it's worth a shot!) related to the project I'm getting myself into. Chapter 1: How I decided to go the 3.4L route My engine is getting tired, as most 40 year old...
  7. 3A - Front Suspension
    Search friendly post copied from another thread. Replace both Manta/Ascona rubber rear suspension mount bushings with polyurethane bushings for 1/4 the cost of one rubber replacement bushing. All that is needed is to shorten them up a bit as Bob mentioned above. Item: Energy Suspension Rear...
  8. 4 Decades of Opels

    1984 Senator CD 1969 Opel GT 1951 Olympia 1972 Ascona Voyage
  9. 4A - Differential
    I'm looking for a set of rear axle pinion bearings for a '75 Sportwagon (Ascona Voyage station wagon). These are for a friends car which is currently parked until suitable replacements can be sourced. The P/N's off the existing (worn out) pieces are: KM 88010 (race) & 511688A (cone) - both...
  10. General Discussions
    I was wondering if any of you would be interested in starting a group for Mantas? I am not singling us out, just trying to get us together. Would anyone be interested? I would start it, I just don't want to be the only one in the group... Dean
  11. Manta/Ascona

    another view, yes that blue wire is gone now.
  12. Manta/Ascona

    first drive!
  13. Manta/Ascona

    shot of weld with undercoat on it
  14. Manta/Ascona

    This is how far i was when i decided to put a manta front end on instead of an ascona
  15. Manta/Ascona

    jack holding the frame of the front end level with the frame of the car
  16. Manta/Ascona

    This is how far i was when i decided to put a manta front end on instead of an ascona
  17. Manta/Ascona

    This is how far i was when i decided to put a manta front end on instead of an ascona
  18. Manta/Ascona

    a shot of the other side
  19. Manta/Ascona

    a shot of the rear quarter...yes the rest of it is just as rust free With the original paint job, not a bad car for $250.
1-20 of 26 Results