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  1. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    Hello all, I have a completely rust free 1970 GT that I'm in the process of restoring. The body is just as stiff as when it left the factory, no rust to speak of whatsoever. I would like to build my engine up to the 160-170 horsepower range and I am curious if I would need to stiffen the body...
  2. General Discussions
    I ran across this ad today while poking around on craigslist. Anyone looking for a GT Drag Car body? Anyone have pictures of this car when it was complete and running? Could be a great project for someone!! 1970 OPEL FIBERGLASS BODY
  3. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    I got a few areas, if you want to see check out my pics on my profile, that i need to fill in. but i dont know what the idea metal is and size. cut and weld i can do, but is there anything special i need to know for the metal, or just regular sheet metal? thanks in advance.
1-3 of 4 Results