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  1. Where to route new brake tubing lines ?

    Group 5 - Brakes
    Installing new brake tubing lines on a half-finished project I bought, but can't seem to find good information on where to route them. I want to make sure I don't interfere with anything in the suspension or transmission tunnel areas. Does anyone have a simple sketch or diagram to help ? Also, I...
  2. Rear brakes holding pressure causing lock up

    Group 5 - Brakes
    The brake pedal is stopping half way down. Seems the rear brakes are retaining pressure causing them to be locked up. Loosen the bleeder, fluids squirts out, brake pedal works once or twice. Then the rear again fails to release. Any ideas? Thanks Doug
  3. Brake booster

    Group 5 - Brakes
    I was having the brakes done on my '72 GT today so I could actually drive it. My mechanic thinks that I need a new brake booster and master cylinder. He says that there is vacuum but he hasn't actually measured it and that he has found no vacuum leaks. He also said that he doesn't think that...