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  1. 6F - Engine Rebuilding
    I have a head gasket leak by the passenger side timing chain cover. So I took the head off and discovered that I have a worn out solid lifter and cam lobe. I have a 10 bolt, 3 cam bearing head. 1. Is there an upgrade cam I can get? 2. How much can you mill the head? 3. Anyone ever sent their...
  2. Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    hello to All, i've been reading the posts for quite some time now and would like to ask for advice to find and match the parts which work together and give the best result. Sorry in advance for entering a long post and making lots of questions but i have quite a few alternatives and don't want...
  3. General Discussions
    The blanks are getting hard to find. This link might help in some way. DemosCams.com | Home
1-3 of 3 Results