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  1. Carlisle Import - Kit Car 2010

    Time Machine accepting his "Carlisle Exellence" Jacket
  2. Opel Events Forums
    Happy New Year Everyone!! OK, here we go, Carlisle is 5 months away (and about 40 degrees warmer hopefully).... http://www.carsatcarlisle.com/ce/events/import/
  3. Opel Events Forums
    Video from Friday 14 May Carlisle Import / Kit Car Show: Video from Saturdays 15 May Carlisle Import / Kit Car Show: It was a great time, with great people......as usual! :drive:
  4. May 20th conference room party at Carlisle

    Tom Esterkin, long-time west coast Opeler. One of the earliest members of the OMC.
  5. The real reason Gary goes to Carlisle!!

    Here's Gary showing us the real attraction of Carlisle!!
1-9 of 9 Results