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  1. CIH competition rocker arms

    Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    Hello, I'd like to share some information about our OPEL CIH competition rocker arms. We have totally redesigned the CIH rocker arm system, with following highlights (indicated per intake / exhaust pair, in order of fitment): - 2 threaded studs which replace the original studs - 2 aluminum...
  2. A few minor problems

    Factory Fuel Injection
    Hi guys, so i have a few problems that i would need a solution to, and since i have no one to work with on the car, this will do just fine SO back to business, the car is a 1988 manta 2.0E cih with the LE-jetronic. backround info the engine's been rebuilt during last fall. Problems: temperature...
  3. YOUR opinion on this ENGINE - CIH 1.6 N - head budget rebuild

    6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hey everyone, So the engine (CIH 1.6N) on my ascona B decided to quit on me about a year ago. Since I knew "nothing" about mechanics I decided to seek for professional help. They said it was the head-gasket and that it would cost me north of 650€ to replace it. Being a college student, i'm...
  4. Block Drain Plug location?!

    6A - Engine Mechanical
    Hey there everyone, can someone please show me where the block's coolant drain plug is located? I'm changing the head gasket in my ascona B and would like to know where said plug is located. Also, my engine is the CIH 16N. Thank you for your time! :cool:
  5. 1.6N vs 1.6S - diferences?

    Group 6 - Engine
    Hey everyone! Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me what the diferences between the CIH 1.6 S and 1.6 N are? Internal components, diferent head..? Thank you for your time and knowledge! :D
  6. Opel CIH 1.6 compression test values - HELP

    6A - Engine Mechanical
    Hi everyone, I just made a compression test on my engine (opel ascona b - cih 1.6 N (suspected head gasket failure between cylinders)) and I would like to know what are the normal values of pressure for this engine. If someone can tell those particular values I would greatly appreciate it...
  7. Building an Opel-powered drag race GT: AKA, project 'boom'.

    Member Projects
    Back in 1987, a close friend of mine decided to build an Opel for street use and drag racing use. He never finished it. Went gung-ho for a while then abandoned the project. He did manage to start on the engine side of things, doing a lot of stuff that I would have never contemplated for a street...
  8. opinions wanted about buying extra engine to build

    General Discussions
    Now, I know it's really hard to get an opinion out of a car enthusiast, but I figured I'd try.:lmao: I want to get my 73 GT running as is, but I also want to build a nice but low budget extra engine to drop in next winter. I'd like to get the car running with the stock engine for this spring, so...
  9. Sportwagon from hell...header pics

    Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    I thought this might interest some of you. Thinking outside the box as usual, I built a custom 1.625" x 32" long equal length 4>1 header which is routed completely above the inner fender, rather than along side the block. This enabled me to NOT have to modify the floorpan to fit the merge...
  10. Street porting a 1.9 big valve head

    Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    I've had a lot of requests to share information about porting a 1.9 head for street use. Here's a pictoral on doing it yourself. This is not an end-all method by any means, it is simply a safe way to port a 1.9 head to improve performance rather than hurt it. This particular head is a 1971 1.9...
  11. CIH Turbo EFI by RallyBob

    Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    I don't know how I let myself get talked into these things... 7 weeks 'til Carlisle. I have to fabricate an entire turbo system for a CIH Opel, have parts coated and plated, tear-down and regasket an existing engine, install the engine, and dyno-tune it. We'll see if I even come close. So, the...