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  1. Clutch Adjusment (only works when on a jack!!!)

    7A Clutch
    I have a '73 GT with manual transmission I bought near a year ago. I haven't driven much and it sat for a couple months (covered outside summer months). I always found it hard to get into first gear from a standstill but not when in motion. When I went to drive it after 2 months, I couldn't...
  2. S-10 Clutch stock flywheel conundrum...

    Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Or shall i say clutch noobitis. Okay, picked up what I assume is an Opel NOS flywheel that was drilled for S-10 pressure plate. Picked up a clutch kit from local parts store. part number mu1904-1 here is my dilemma I see in other threads fellas mention flywheel needs to be ground flat or...
  3. Opel GT Restoration questionnaire ~ Cams, clutches and cooling oh my!

    General Discussions
    Were not in Kansas anymore Toto, After much research, and trying to read between the lines, I am perplexed:dunno:. I am taking the crash course on Opel idiosyncrasies. Ive read tons of great threads on the subjects at hand but its difficult for me to decipher. Now I have a pounding :headache...
  4. What are the spec on a Stage III Clutch from Opels Unlimited?

    Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Does anybody know what the specifications are on a Stage III clutch assembly from Opels Unlimited? Also how could you tell them apart from a standard 1.9 GT set? Has anyone got one from them and how did it perform? Thanks, Dick