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  1. DSD Acceleration Throttle Lag

    Aftermarket Side-draft carbs
    As I continue with my DSD project, I've finally gotten to the the point where I can start tuning the carbs. I have the carbs synchronized and have started driving it around the block to see if there is any troubles. One thing that I have almost immediately run into is a throttle lag between...
  2. Help! Not running right after rebuild

    General Discussions
    I rebuilt my 2.2 motor for my 1970 GT about 3 1/2 years ago (2015/2016), which you can read about I this thread: https://www.opelgt.com/forums/6f-engine-rebuilding/56650-2-2-motor-need-rebuild.html Unfortunately, due to life circumstances (having kids, changing jobs, moving, building, etc) I...
  3. 2.2 motor in need of rebuild

    6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hey everyone, I purchased a used complete 2.2 motor several years ago from OGTS that is paired to an automatic transmission. Since having the motor, I have went from a Weber 32/36 to a Weber 38 with the original 1.9 intake and exhaust manifolds. Just a few weeks ago work was completed on...
  4. Unifying DSD Intake Runners

    Aftermarket Side-draft carbs
    I am working through all of the preparations to install dual DCOE's on my 2.2 GT. I have read about and have been suggested to unite/tie/join the intake runners together for vacuum purposes. Only 1 of my 2 intakes have been tapped for the vacuum port, the other has a spot where it could be...
  5. Will this Cannon manifold work on an Opel GT?

    Aftermarket Side-draft carbs
    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I've been reading and have learned so much from this forum. The amount of information and knowledgable and enthusiastic people here is staggering. Now on to my question: I'm working on my '73 Opel GT and have the chance to purchase a Cannon manifold...