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  1. 2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    I really like the looks of the emblems on the side fenders. Not too sure I care about the 1900 or GM logo. What do yall think? :feedback: I would probably grind off the pins and mount with 3m double sided gray tape. I need a volunteer to make me a template. Perhaps a paper bag cut open and...
  2. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    Check out this decal set for sale on eBay. It has the under hood decal that I haven't seen anywhere else and the VIN decal (but of course without the VIN and manufacture date included). Matt
  3. General Discussions
    It is time to introduce you all to "The Decal Project".... But first a bit of background info: I have been collecting Opel decals for a long time (let's be honest, I collect just about anything with Opel on it). Over the years I have been fortunate enough to acquire some nice original Opel...
1-3 of 3 Results