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  1. DSD Acceleration Throttle Lag

    Aftermarket Side-draft carbs
    As I continue with my DSD project, I've finally gotten to the the point where I can start tuning the carbs. I have the carbs synchronized and have started driving it around the block to see if there is any troubles. One thing that I have almost immediately run into is a throttle lag between...
  2. Exhaust Leak, Dual Carbs, header bolt clearances, best way forward?

    6D - Exhaust System
    So I have been working for the past several days to install a dual 40 DCOE set up on my 1.9L GT. I'm using the Dbilas shorty intakes with an OGTS shorty header. Currently I'm using the stock M9 x 1.25 x 30mm hex header bolts standard on US GTs, and have run into the problem of extreme difficulty...
  3. Help! Not running right after rebuild

    General Discussions
    I rebuilt my 2.2 motor for my 1970 GT about 3 1/2 years ago (2015/2016), which you can read about I this thread: https://www.opelgt.com/forums/6f-engine-rebuilding/56650-2-2-motor-need-rebuild.html Unfortunately, due to life circumstances (having kids, changing jobs, moving, building, etc) I...
  4. Unifying DSD Intake Runners

    Aftermarket Side-draft carbs
    I am working through all of the preparations to install dual DCOE's on my 2.2 GT. I have read about and have been suggested to unite/tie/join the intake runners together for vacuum purposes. Only 1 of my 2 intakes have been tapped for the vacuum port, the other has a spot where it could be...