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  1. Fuel Injection Mods
    I have a 1972 Opel GT with the original 1.9L engine and I was wondering if i can add an EFI system to it, if so would anyone know where to find said system for my 1.9L engine ?
  2. Performance
    This post can be used for electronic ignition and/or EFI. The 36-1 is simple enough. 35 teeth with one missing. With this tone ring you'll see a rising and a trailing edge from the VR sensor. This will result with 70 signals to the 'puter per 360 rotation. AKA every 5.14 degrees of crankshaft...
  3. Fuel Injection Mods
    From the looks of it the returnless can handle the power requirements of my little street/strip car with plenty of head room. :D I've looked into the megasquirt and I've found it lacking for my needs. That said I'm asking if anyone has converted a late model eec-v into an early model Opel?
  4. Fuel Injection Mods
    I'm in the process of figuring this all out. My plan is to retain the stock 2.4 EFI system and swap the 2.4 manifold for a cut down 3.0l with a larger throttle body. The engine arrived to me with the manifolds and all wires disconnected. I have the complete wiring harness and ECU. The engine is...
  5. Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    I don't know how I let myself get talked into these things... 7 weeks 'til Carlisle. I have to fabricate an entire turbo system for a CIH Opel, have parts coated and plated, tear-down and regasket an existing engine, install the engine, and dyno-tune it. We'll see if I even come close. So, the...
1-5 of 5 Results