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  1. Electrical System Fail after dash repair and instal.

    1E - Other Electrical/Gauges/Instrument Panel
    One thing I've learned over the years is if something bad happens during a restoration, it has happened to someone else before and that is what I'm hoping for by posting this thread. Please excuse me for a long post but more information is better than less. The car: 1970 GT with 44K miles...
  2. Best practices for changing the ignition switch

    1A - Starting and Charging System
    I've read the tips, have the manual, and looked at a few threads. Are there any videos or step by step on changing the ignition switch and adding the relay on my '73 GT? Hoping to ease the pain... Thanks, Larry
  3. Interior Light orientation and installation

    1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    Trying to install the interior light and wondering: 1) Is the switch up towards the headliner or down towards the floor? 2) Where I have the awl there are two holes, guessing either will work. Is that hole the front of the bracket or the back? The wires do not seem to go up easy, is there a hole...
  4. No electricity/power AT ALL! HELPPP

    Group 1 - Electrical
    Sorry guys i am new and i dont know where i am really supposed to post this but i really neew help right now. Just recently installed my radio in my 1972 Opel GT and when getting home somthing blew or caused a short circut. Right now the car has no power AT ALL i cant start it, lights wont turn...
  5. Bitter Turn Signals Out, Problem is in the switch but I am stumped.

    1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    Hi all, I'm trying to sort the biggest problem on my Bitter SC project, which is the fact that the car does not signal. We've taken the car apart down to the signal switch, however the electrical componentry in it has wound up baffling myself, and my cohort (an electrical engineer). He put...
  6. Parking lamp and side marker problems - please help!

    1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    I've got a 1971 Opel GT with electrical problems. Recently, my driver's side parking lamps and side markers stopped working. The headlights both still work and all the passenger side lights still work properly. The driver's side lights come on when I apply the brakes and turn on the left...