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  1. Engine Swap Forum
    It seems like a lot of owners here feel a bit burned or jaded by the number of failed “I’m putting XX engine into a shell ive found!” threads and projects that pop up here. That’s part of my decision to build up my stock 1.9 CIH, but this is not the thread for that. Do I still “want” more HP and...
  2. Engine Swap Forum
    Is there a engine, transmission and rear axle that all fits together with out hacking whacking and modification and is fuel injected that will fit in a Opel gt?
  3. Engine Swap Forum
    I purchased my first Opel Gt this last weekend!!! I was able to get a rust free (minus battery tray) car that had just had the engine and all go items removed about a month ago. She (Bobbi) needs an engine, trans, exhaust and such along with interior. This car is to be built for myself to enjoy...
  4. Member Projects
    This will be the thread where I'll post updates as well as ask questions (probably more than anyone would want to answer, but hey, it's worth a shot!) related to the project I'm getting myself into. Chapter 1: How I decided to go the 3.4L route My engine is getting tired, as most 40 year old...
  5. Engine Swap Forum
    I would be willing to accept any helpful comments or advice from anyone who has done it before. Particularly regarding what to do with the rear diff setup and any pitfalls. (So far this car has been one big, fun pitfall.)
  6. Engine Swap Forum
    Ok so i have had this opel gt it was my first car my dad gave it to me when i was 10 even though it never ran and i started a restoration i always kept it around just because of its uniqueness now im only 16 but me and my dad have been building thing all of my life and now that he is restoring...
1-6 of 6 Results