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  1. General Opel GT Discussions
    I just picked up a '69 GT and I plan to build it this summer, but I'd like to attach a modern suspension system. To that end, I'm hoping someone has all the frame measurements, so that I can mock it up in Solidworks. If anyone can help me out, I'll make the assembly available to everyone. My...
  2. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    Hey guys, so unfortunately, after only 2 weeks of having the GT on the road I have to make some repairs. I was driving at night and couldnt see the road too well and hit at pot hole pretty hard going around 60km/h. I heard a noise I wasnt too happy with but didnt think anything had broke. After...
  3. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    A design for anyone who is restoring a GT and would like ideas on a mobile frame which safely supports the shell at 90 degrees. Attached pics are of a design for a rotisserie-style frame for restoring an Opel GT, which I made last year and is working very well for me. Basically, it consists of...
  4. General Opel GT Discussions
    Found one! Thanks Kat!
1-4 of 4 Results