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  1. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    I was driving around with the headlights on for a few minutes and suddenly the amp meter hit the full right position. Then after a while, the headlights dimmed a bit and long beams didn't work so I thought it would be best to turn them off. After that, there were some sparks coming out of the...
  2. Group 1 - Electrical
    This is for those of us that have to replace the GT fuse box and want to save time. The shortcut is to cut a 1/2 inch slice out of the driver side of the replacement fuse box and then slide the 3 wiring harnesses into the rear slot in the back of the fuse box, slip the wires down to the fuse...
  3. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    Hi all, My passenger headlight is not working. Is it possible to bypass the relay, and splice the driver side headlight power directly to the passenger side headlight; and add a higher amp fuse into the fuse box? Thanks Mike:banghead:
  4. Group 1 - Electrical
    As most of you know the plastic "lip" that is held in place by 2 nuts on the two studs under the dash will crack and the box then hangs down and is a real pain in the foot. Do any of you have an easy fix for this problem?
1-4 of 4 Results