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  1. 6A - Engine Mechanical
    So I was reading an old thread and saw something along the lines of any 4-cyl valve cover fitting any 4-cyl engine. is this the same for the gaskets? Would a 1.9 gasket fit a 1.5 engine? I am in need of a new valve cover gasket and would like to clear this up.
  2. 6F - Engine Rebuilding
    I have a head gasket leak by the passenger side timing chain cover. So I took the head off and discovered that I have a worn out solid lifter and cam lobe. I have a 10 bolt, 3 cam bearing head. 1. Is there an upgrade cam I can get? 2. How much can you mill the head? 3. Anyone ever sent their...
  3. Mechanical
    Hey guys, I am in the market for a torque wrench in order to replace the head gasket on my ascona B. Can someone recommend a good one at a reasonable (let's say 40£) price. It would be awesome if it were also available on ebay or amazon (UK), so if there are any lads with that particular...
  4. Opel Tips & Tricks
    I stumbled on this article and thought it would be of great help to others trying to figure out how to get a gasket to seal properly... Matt Selecting the Correct Gasket Product
1-4 of 4 Results