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  1. 1E - Other Electrical/Gauges/Instrument Panel
    One thing I've learned over the years is if something bad happens during a restoration, it has happened to someone else before and that is what I'm hoping for by posting this thread. Please excuse me for a long post but more information is better than less. The car: 1970 GT with 44K miles...
  2. 1E - Other Electrical/Gauges/Instrument Panel
    Short story long. Haven't had instrument lights in a while and have tried to fix it with no luck in the past. Finally got around to pulling the intrument panel again to track down the issue and found that the last light in the series wasn't grounded right and now have dash light again but the...
  3. Polls
    I've wondered many times what the best (most useful) replacement is for the clock in a GT dash. Even if the clock works, there are better uses for that space I think. Seeing the "combo" oil temperature / volt meter available in the recent OGTS catalog supplement got me thinking about this...
1-3 of 3 Results