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    I am seriously looking for the Best Opel GT I can find, I would like to find a mechanically sound car that has a 2.4 engine with the GETRAG 5 speed and many mechanical upgrades. I would like to also either buy a gull wing kit or completed car. I own a couple GT's but really want to put a...
  2. 7B Transmission
    Hello forum! Yesterday I worked on my 73' GT with a 5 speed Getrag installed. I'm no mechanic myself, so a friend helped me out with changing the motor oil, transmission oil and the differential oil. When we drained the gearbox by removing the bottom plug, we saw that a lot of metal dust had...
  3. Member Projects
    http://youtu.be/O4pAwosnIQE Chapter One Once Upon a time.... I was fortunate to meet a fellow and former OpelGT.com member in St Paul MN thru the ad board here. I was not even close to being in the market for another GT especially being a few grand into my other restoration. However this one...
1-3 of 3 Results