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  1. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    Hi, my first posting to this forum. Perhaps there is something basic here I'm missing... after the headlights stopped lighting on my 70 GT, I read a lot of good articles here and did some testing and was able to determine I had a failed headlight relay switch. Ordered one from OGTS which is an...
  2. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    I know I am going to sound like a silver spoon kid by saying this but my dad just gave me a 1969 Opel GT 1900 for my boys and I to work on together. After doing a little research I have relized that he has given me a great gift. However there is one issue that I need some help with from an...
1-2 of 2 Results