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  1. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    So I was driving back on the highway the other night and I turned my headlights on. Immediately the lights went out and my car refused to switch back to the low beams. I thought it was the switch in the steering column, so I replaced that. No difference. I checked the relays (I still get the...
  2. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    I did a few searches and couldn't locate an answer to this question. Just want to know if say headlight assemblies are interchangeable across the production years. Thanks Mike
  3. General Discussions
    Greetings guys! I'm a newbie to this forum and the GT. Who likes the original design of the headlights? They are ok but looks kind of weird to my eyes and so they are probably to you too. So, I just photoshopped those GT headlights to give more italian taste. Please have a look those photos...
  4. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    I was driving around with the headlights on for a few minutes and suddenly the amp meter hit the full right position. Then after a while, the headlights dimmed a bit and long beams didn't work so I thought it would be best to turn them off. After that, there were some sparks coming out of the...
  5. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    Hi all, My passenger headlight is not working. Is it possible to bypass the relay, and splice the driver side headlight power directly to the passenger side headlight; and add a higher amp fuse into the fuse box? Thanks Mike:banghead:
  6. 2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    I recently repainted my '70 Opel GT and am looking for some guidance to get the bucket assemblies back in place. Does anybody have any pictures or diagrams that explain the process from A-Z? I need to know what order everything is reassembled in. Thanks,
1-6 of 6 Results